Indian Railways vs Japanese Railways | Railway Comparison

In this article, we have compared Indian railways with Japanese railways. For this comparison, we have used factors such as the fastest train, train punctuality, rail Accidents, passengers Traffic, ticket cost, luxury trains etc. 

Indian Railways vs Japanese Railways | Railway Comparison
  Indian Railways Japanese railways
Country India Japan
1st Train Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus to Thane in 1853 Tokyo to Yokohama in 1872
Fastest train

Vande Bharat Express (160 km/hour) 

Shinkansen (387 km/hour)
Punctuality   Very less punctual Very punctual
Rail Accidents

 300 accidents in the last 5 years

0 accidents

Train Cleaning Good Best
Track length

67,368 kilometers

(40% railway track electrified)

27,182 kilometers

(65% railway track electrified)

Passengers Traffic 8.5 Billion/year 7.5 Billion/year
Busiest railway station  Howrah Railway Station Shinjuku Station
Ticket cost 22 times cheaper than Japanese railways Costly 
Luxury Trains Maharaja express Shiki-Shima, Twilight Express Aur Kyushu Seven



The Indian railway system is always been the most complex network yet somehow it working properly. Most of the time the trains are on time. Indian railways do have good trains like Train 18, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto Express, etc. Japan Railways Group's priority is a good service for the appropriate price. It is a profit organization. In opposite side in India increasing the Rail tickets can make you lose your Railway Ministry portfolio. Forget about railway system development in India, It is a miracle that the Indian Railways is working & serving millions of people with such low fares. Japan Railways Group invested a lot of money to be the world's best railway system.

So friends, what do think we should need to do, to make Indian railways be like the Japanese railway system. do comment down and let us know.