Beijing VS Tokyo City Comparison 2019

In this article, we have compared China's capital and the largest city Beijing with Japan's capital and the largest city Tokyo on the basis of GDP, Area, Population, Cost of living, Literacy rate, Life expectancy, Airports, HDI, etc.

Beijing VS Tokyo City Comparison 2019
Beijing VS Tokyo City Comparison 2019
  Beijing Tokyo
Country China Japan

$458 billion


US$869 billion


GDP per capita US$21,261 US$64,269
GDP Rank 12th in the world 1st in the world
Currency Yuan Renminbi Japanese Yen

Mega City: 4,144 km2

Metro City: 16,410.5 km2

Mega City: 2,187.66 km2 

Metro City: 13,572 km2

Population 2.1 Crore 1.3 Crore
Population density 1300 people / km² 6,224 people / km²
Room Rent Rs. 40,000

Rs. 70,000

Billionaires  57 Billionaires 30 Billionaires 
Movie Ticket Cost Rs. 400 / ticket Rs. 1000 - 1200 / ticket
Monthly Salary 1.1 Lakh 2.1 Lakh
Airports Beijing Capital International Airport Tokyo International Airport
Literacy rate 98% 99%
Life expectancy 82.2 years 83 years
HDI 0.888 0.936
Famous Tourist Spots The Imperial Palace and the Forbidden City
The Great Wall of China
Tiananmen Square
The Temple of Heaven
Beihai Park
The Summer Palace
Beijing National Stadium
The Lama Temple (Yonghe)
Beijing Capital Museum
Beijing Ancient Observatory
The Beijing Temple of Confucius
Beijing Zoo 
National Museum of China
Tokyo Imperial Palace
The Sensō-ji Temple
National Museum of Nature and Science
Ueno Park and Zoo
Tokyo National Museum
National Museum of Western ArtThe Meiji Shrine
The Tokyo Skytree
The National Art Center
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Tower